Metal nameplates

Maximum nameplate size : A1 (841 × 594 mm)
Colour style : coloured and multi-coloured version
Materials : aluminium, anodized aluminium, brass, nickel-coated brass, stainless steel
Material thickness : from 0,3 mm to 2 mm
Fixing: without holes, with different mounting holes, self-adhesive
Holes nameplates: regular, round, squared, atypical, irregular. It is possible to use wide range of our stamping instruments to reduce costs.
Nameplate shapes: squared with sharp or round edges, round, oval or other irregular shapes
For detail implementation, technology and materials, please contact our employees

 Offset printed

  • on the aluminium plate
  • multi-coloured version
  • details fidelity
  • suitable mainly for interiors

Anodized aluminium nameplates

  • on anodized aluminium plate
  • single-coloured (black, green, blue, red) technology: dipping in organical colouring lotion
  • multi-coloured technology: printing with special paints on anodized sheet
  • long-time light permanency
  • colour is closed on the surface of aluminium, it has high outdoor resistance
  • data are fulfilled through perforation, laser, milling
  • suitable for interior and exterior

Moreover, soaked anodization is resistant against organic diluent

Etched nameplates

  • on the aluminium, brass and stainless steel
  • single-coloured or multi-coloured version
  • suitable mainly for exteriors and climatic demanding environment
  • stainless steel nameplates are suitable for extremely demanding environment (chemicals, sea environment, food industry
  • etched relief stay well-preserved, however colour is not resistant against organic dissolvent. It is possible supply them colourless (two different looks – matt and polished)

Plastic labels

We manufacure the plastic self-adhesive labels by thermal transfer digital printing system Gerber Edge that was developped specially for printing on the vinyl self-adhesive foils. It is the alternative to so far used screen printing, or cutting plotters. Products have excellent exterior stability.
Gerber Edge can print full-coloured graphics while using four printing colours of the CMYK system, or through 57 spot colours including 11 transparent and highly glossy silver and gold colours. Through Spectratone system it is possible to combine two different colours and gain more than 3000 other spot colours.
  Gerber Edge equipment is able to print plastic nameplates with the width of 299 mm, or through the panelling to practically unlimited surface. This can be used particularly in production of billboards or for vehicle graphics.